Sunday, September 16, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday - September 17, 2012

Am I the only one still struggling to get in that "back to school" routine?  It was Nessa's turn to bring a snack to share with her class.  In my classic "rummage through the fridge and pantry" style, I wanted to throw something together for everyone to enjoy.  Normally, I plan the night before but I got lazy and made it right before she left for school!  With only a handful of different items left in the fridge, I lucked out that this muffin tin snack turned out so cute and colourful! 

Today's snack:  juicy strawberries, shiny grape tomatoes, diced cheese sticks, chocolate and pizza flavoured Goldfish crackers, diced farmer's stix (mild pepperoni), red pepper sticks, cucumber bear cut-outs and crunchy green grapes.  

My middle child attends the Kindergarten program at our local Montessori Academy.  My preschooler is there too, so I tried to make this appealing to the 3-5 year age group. 

I think I have most of the food groups covered... some fruit, veggies, dairy, meat, grains and a little chocolate... hahaha, am I the only one who thinks chocolate is a food group? 

For more great lunch ideas, visit Muffin Tin Mom!  Happy Monday!


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  1. I always love what you do! It's so bright and colorful! Thanks for particpating and linking up.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I think the kiddies really enjoyed this snack. It was all finished!:)

  2. My lil' guy will love it if i put one like this in front of him.


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