Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easy Chinese Cream Corn Egg Drop Soup

Chinese corn egg drop soup is very easy to make.  You can find this soup in Chinese restaurants and Chinese households. Growing up, my mother would make this for us on a regular basis.  It is one of those comfort dishes I fondly remember.  When I finally ventured to make this, I didn't realize how quick it is to whip up.   

Recovering from the stomach flu, this hit the spot.  The children adore the sweetness from the corn, the savory chicken soup base and swirls of cooked egg throughout the soup.   

A simple soup with basic ingredients:  a can of cream corn, an egg and chicken or vegetable broth.  I don't always have chicken broth on hand, so I usually use about 1/4 tsp chicken bouillon base with water.  I always have chicken bouillon cubes in my pantry.

Empty 1 can of cream style corn and add 1 can of water or broth in a medium pot. If using water, add about 1/4 tsp chicken bouillon cube.  

Crumble the chicken bouillon cube into the corn and water mixture.  Bring contents to a boil.  

While waiting for the soup to boil, beat 1 egg in a bowl, as if you are making scrambled eggs.   

*Important tip:  When the corn soup is boiling, turn the heat element off and take the pot off the heat.  Mix in a clockwise (or counter-clockwise, if you prefer!) and slowly pour the beaten egg in a thin stream.  Mixing in a circular fashion helps distribute the egg into pretty swirls through the soup.  The heat from the boiling soup will quickly cook the egg.  

Previously, I forgot to take the pot off the heat and the vigorous boiling broke the egg swirls into an "unappetizing egg mess".  The soup was still very tasty, but the eggs did not look pretty... they were pulverized from the rapid boiling.      

Look at the swirls of egg.  The egg also thickens the soup nicely.

Chinese Corn Egg Drop Soup

1 14 oz (398mL) can Cream Style Corn
1 equivalent can of water*, chicken broth or vegetable broth
*1/4 tsp chicken bouillon cube or powdered chicken stock, if using water
1 egg, beaten
Salt & pepper, to taste

In a medium pot, empty 1 can cream style corn and add 1 can of water or broth.  If using water, about 1/4 tsp crumbled chicken bouillon cube to the corn and water.  Bring soup mixture to a rapid boil. 

Beat 1 egg in a bowl.  Take the saucepan off the heat element when the soup has reached a rapid boil.  While mixing in a circular motion, slowly pour a thin stream of the beaten egg into the hot soup.  The mixing motion helps cook and swirl the egg into the soup. 

The soup is ready to serve when the egg is cooked.  

Season with salt and pepper, if needed.  

[Edited to add - Dec. 13, 2012] I'm so excited to share that this recipe has been featured on SayItCanada.ca!  Very happy to contribute this wonderful Canadian site.  They have a really neat Kids Corner with lots of neat activities and recipes!    

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  1. This turned out awesome!I am a student whose cooking skills are still being developed, and i was surprised at how good the soup tasted even though it was my first time making it!Thanks a lot :)


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