Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bento Lunch Wednesday - May 16, 2012

My girls like to use these cute bunny food picks I got from Daiso (Japanese dollar store) in Richmond, BC last year.  I will have to get some more different bento lunch accessories from that store the next time I am in that area.  

I find that the kids eat better when their food is in different compartments and they like to use little toothpicks or food picks. 

I placed some whole grain wheat thin crackers, some Japanese strawberry filled wafer cookies, last night's baked ham, cucumber sticks, grapes and red peppers.  I think I have most of the food groups covered!

Again, the kids meals are based on whatever I have in the fridge and pantry.  There are wonderful themed bento lunches on Bento Lunch.  For now, I am happy that the kids eat whatever I give them.  When they are older, they can fix their lunches by placing whatever they like in the muffin liners.

It's easier to make the kids' lunches together and I'm lucky that they like the same food!  

For more great bento lunch ideas, check out Bento Lunch.


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