Monday, May 28, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday - May 28, 2012

I used to hate Mondays.  I love them now.  It is the day after an awesome weekend filled with non-stop activity, birthday parties and family time.  Mondays can be a slow start, but since our family thrives on routine, the kids look forward to going to school and I look forward to cleaning up the weekend's mess!  

Poor hubby has no routine!  Since his work schedule is so erratic, I don't know where he is half the time.  Being a rural family doctor, he is either at the hospital ER, his office, the walk-in clinic, after-hours administrative meetings, at a medical course or off to deliver a baby!   We are very fortunate that daddy can work in the same town and does not have to be away from us for weeks at a time.  So yes, family time with mommy AND daddy is a special thing and not to be taken for granted.  

The kiddies really enjoyed lunch with daddy yesterday.  He had to rush off to deliver a baby in the middle of church but came home in time to share a Muffin Tin lunch. 

In our lovely muffin tin and silicone cups:  last night's baby corn, carrot and sugar pea medley, apple slices, organic red corn tortilla chips, crunchy & sweet green grapes, imitation crab, savory Caesar salad croutons and some sliced black olive & cheese bites.  It was a light lunch as the kiddies had some birthday cake beforehand. 

I really like our new weekend tradition where the children gather around our special picnic quilt and enjoy lunch together.  

For more great lunch ideas, visit Muffin Tin Mom!  Happy Monday!

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