Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bento Style Lunches

What do I do for the kids' lunches?  Most of the time, it's usually a sandwich, a fruit or veggie and some crackers in an Asian sandwich box.  I didn't know that I arranged my food in a "bento" style, which is a visually appealing meal packed in a box.  I had some square Wilton silicone muffin liners that turned out great for keeping the food separated in the way that my kids like.

I came across and was awed by the creativity that these moms have. It's wonderful how they lovingly prepared gorgeous lunches for their little ones.  It's a great site for getting ideas, but I am nowhere close to artistry involved!  I'm just happy that the kids have a somewhat healthy lunch.   

All 3 kids' lunches are assembled in production line!

Spring is finally in the air!  I love using cookie cutters for sandwiches.  Nessa's lunch:  butterfly soy butter and jam sandwiches, baby chick grilled cheese sandwich, last night's steamed baby corn/carrot/sugar pea medley, some apple slices and gold fish crackers. 

Baby's lunch:  Maple leaf soy butter and jam sandwich, butterfly grilled cheese sandwich, steamed veggies, apple slices and goldfish crackers.

My 7-year old's lunch:  grilled cheese sandwich, steamed veggies, apples and goldfish.  He is growing up!  Last year, he told me that he did not want his sandwiches to be cut in shapes.  To make everything fit in his stainless steel Lunchbots container, I trim the crusts. Pretty soon, I will have to get him a bigger container.  For now, he says it's enough food.

All packed and ready to go!  

 I found these super cute Hello Kitty lunch boxes at my local grocery chain.  They were only $4.99!  


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  1. You are giving me great ideas. I wanted to ask you --- where did you buy those cute lunch containers? I wanted to look for something that was leak proof and I like the snaps but it's been tough to find in Richmond. I have gotten the ones from daiso but the handles fall apart if you drop it accidentally.

    1. Thanks! The plastic lunch boxes were a gift from my great-aunt in Hong Kong. If you need the leak proof ones, I really like the LunchBots stainless steel leakproof boxes so I can throw it in the dishwasher. :)


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