Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bento Lunch Wednesday - May 30, 2012

Over the weekend, I had a little "date" with my girls.  My son had a birthday party to attend and it was only fair that they get to go to a little party of their own!  I promised that we could go to a cafe for a treat.  On the way to the local coffeeshop, we went to our neighborhood kitchen specialty store to browse around.  It was more of a social occasion to drop by and say "Hi" to the owner.  And the girls got a new star cookie cutter for their sandwiches!  

I think this is one of my cutest meals yet!   My toddler's lunch:  grilled ham and cheese star sandwich, ham roll-ups, organic red corn tortilla chips and mini red & green grape skewers. 

My preschooler has a bigger appetite, so I gave her more "lucky star" grilled ham & cheese sandwiches.

My Grade 1 "big boy" has the same lunch.  He likes his sandwiches cut "normal".  

Lunch was a hit!  Their boxed lunches came back EMPTY and Mommy is HAPPY!

For more great bento lunch ideas, check out Bento Lunch. Have a wonderful day!

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