Monday, May 14, 2012

Muffin Tin Monday - May 14, 2012

What a great Mother's Day weekend!  We usually celebrate our holidays for almost a week.  It all started when hubby had to work Christmas Day or Christmas Eve several times the past few years.  To get around this, we celebrate over a course of a few days.  It's great when my birthday lasts for a week!  

We were busy with activity the whole weekend. The kiddies were starving when we got home after their piano lessons.  Of course, that's when moms become Iron Chef Mommies...complete with a panel of judges with discerning kiddie palates.

The theme?  Whatever in the fridge and pantry to feed starving, grumpy, whiny kids... it should be relatively healthy and FAST! 

This is what my fridge and pantry yielded:  red grapes, goldfish crackers, leftover oven roasted corn, leftover oven roasted bacon and yogurt with fresh strawberries.  

They ate in record time and declared themselves full after they inhaled everything!  Whew!  

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  1. What a great lunch! We never seem to have leftover bacon at my house!

    1. Thanks JDaniel's Mom! hahaha, like Christmas baking, I have to hide cooked bacon at the back of the fridge so it will last several days :)

  2. what an awesome lunch! I love the corn in the muffin that is awesome! Will have to try that sometime!

  3. So many of our meals are themed "What was in the house." You seem to be a master. Maurene would beg to move in if she saw that tray.


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